One of the most important parts of quality control for the metal component and automotive industries is salt spray testing. Metal components react when exposed to corrosive environments, making it easy for producers to assess whether or not they will last for their intended uses. Automotive manufacturers may test their products against corrosion in a controlled testing environment by creating a salted atmosphere with the Effective Lab’s salt spray testing machine. Effective Lab India is the leading producer of laboratory testing equipment in Asia. It has created this high-quality equipment at a reasonable cost. When assessing a product’s quality, this laboratory testing tool is beneficial.

In this blog, We will go over some basic information on the salt spray testing equipment manufactured by Effective Lab India. Also, we will talk about some safety measures that need to be followed to guarantee precise and accurate test results.

To guarantee a product’s endurance, simulate it in corrosive settings

One of the best tests used in the automotive industry to test the resistance of materials to corrosion is the salt spray corrosion test which is also known as the ASTM B117 lab test. In this test, samples are subjected to a strong salt spray in a controlled atmosphere. By speeding corrosion reactions under expedited settings, salt spray testing will help uncover potential vulnerabilities in materials used for protective coatings or automobile parts.

Manufacturers can simply use a salt spray chamber manufactured by Effective Lab India to perform precise salt spray testing on the metals. The metal industry can benefit by using this salt spray test chamber. The triple-walled, fibre-reinforced body of the salt spray test chamber gives it a robust construction. With its built-in temperature settings and simple data administration, this HMI-based touchscreen device makes it simple to perform corrosion-resistance tests on the materials. The most recent features have been incorporated into its design to make it simple for consumers to evaluate their items against corrosion.


  • Availability of USB option.
  • HMI Based touch screen.
  • For fog settlement, after the test air purge.
  • Alarm for a low solution.
  • PT-100 sensor.
  • Real-time environment.
  • Digital temperature controller.
  • Easy to use.
  • Protection against over-voltage.
  • Pneumatically operated canopy.
  • Selection feature of auto-tuning.
  • Robust construction.
  • Easy to manage data. 
  • Display of test running status.
  • Recording of data with a reading of temperature data.
  • Reservoir tank inside sponge filter.
  • Maintain fault history.

Tips for conducting reliable and accurate salt spray test

Whenever you are conducting a salt spray test, you should have to remember the following tips for accurate and reliable salt spray test results.

  • Before operating the machine, check the inner chamber temperature. 
  • Thoroughly Check the communication cable and avoid any loose connections.
  • If your fog values are inconsistent, you should inspect the atomiser tip. It should be maintained in place and regular pressure should be checked to ensure reliable test results.

Besides this, this testing instrument needs to be maintained for operation. If the machine is maintained then you will get accurate and precise test results. Contact us if you can also get a free sample testing session from effective Lab India.

Also, if you have any queries regarding salt spray testing or the salt spray fog chamber, you can contact us. Our team of experts will help in solving your queries.

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