Whether you’re a major manufacturing corporation or a small business sending goods, it’s important to make sure your boxes can survive the rigours of transportation. Therefore, testing the materials’ box compression strength is an essential part of quality control. For this purpose, manufacturers of paper and packing goods may simply test their products’ resistance to compression and guarantee that customers will receive accurate products by using the box compression testing tool by Effective Lab India. Here, in this blog, we’ll go over five professional maintenance pieces of advice for your machine to ensure optimum performance and consistent outcomes. Also, we will share some information on box compression testers and tell you how this quality control tool may be used to measure the packaging’s compression strength.

Ensure that packaging boxes are reliable against standard corrosion by Effective Lab’s Box Compression tester

An essential tool for laboratory testing is a box compression tester which is manufactured to measure the strength of a box’s ability to endure different pressures from the outside while it is being transported or stored. With its extreme testing functions, our digital box compression tester is made to precisely measure the compression strength of boxes. This box-testing tool can prevent your products from being rejected. 

In addition, this device is simple to use; just turn it on and precisely position the samples on the testing apparatus. Accurate preparation of the test specimen is crucial.

To ensure accurate test results, ensure the specimen is positioned in the centre of the plate. There are mark points available. Rotate the rotary switch downward to bring the compression plate close to the specimen. The fast runner option allows users to take the compression plate at a faster speed of 50 mm/min, right above the test specimen. Test results under consistent compression force will be extremely accurate thanks to this high-quality lab testing apparatus. Let us tell you some of the unique features of this lab testing instrument.


  • LED Display that is bright.
  • Microprocessor-based display for accurate results of tests.
  • The optional printer facility.
  • Strong base plate.
  • Feather touch controls.
  • Highly accurate results of tests under uniform compression force.
  • Over travel protection.
  • Also available in computerized models.
  • Available in different sizes according to platform sizes.
  • Availability of Peak hold facility.

Tips to maintain the box compression tester

Maintaining the digital box compression tester regularly will minimize errors in quality control procedures and provide reliable testing results. A thorough maintenance schedule that includes regular inspections, lubricating moving parts, and calibration checks will help identify and correct any potential problems or inaccuracies early on.

However, Following are the tips that you should follow in maintaining the box compression tester.

  • Make sure the lead screw is greased every three months. 
  • Make sure that the specimen is positioned correctly throughout the testing process.
  • Before starting the test, make sure the limit switch rings are in the proper places. 
  • Every three months, tighten the V-belt drive and inspect it for normal wear and tear. 
  • Replace the gearbox’s gear oil once a year.

If you have any questions or need further information on the best Box Compression Tester Price, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is here to assist you and ensure you have the best experience possible.