If you are tired and weary of dealing with box failures that result in damaged products and frustrate customers then it’s time to use the proper lab testing instrument, which can accurately assure test results and quickly evaluate many aspects of the box’s quality. The box compression strength is one of the best quality parameters to reach before the box is delivered. It is one of the best lab testing instruments available for precisely determining the compression strength of boxes stacked on top of one another. It is used to determine the compression strength of the corrugated boxes. Let us talk about the box compression tester and some common mistakes that users must avoid while operating a box compression strength tester.

Introduction to Box Compression Tester

It is a high-quality testing instrument for determining the compressive strength of packaging materials like fiberboard and corrugated cardboard. This instrument for quality control lab testing guarantees that clients will receive high-quality materials and yields extremely precise compression test results. This laboratory testing apparatus uses a motorised setup to give the box set on a level platform a consistent compression force. Its microprocessor-based display, which ensures accurate test results, is what makes it unique. In addition, it has protection against over-travel, a robust base plate with a tough structure, and features like TARE and Peak Hold. The feather touch controls and bright LED display improve user ease.

In addition, it is available in manual and computerized versions, with different load cell capacities and platform sizes to meet your requirements. Additionally, optional printing options are offered to help you expedite the testing procedure.


  • Display using a microprocessor to provide precise test results.
  • Very accurate test findings under uniform compression force. 
  • Availability of Peak Hold and TARE Facility.
  • over trip protection.
  • Strong Base Plate.
  • luminous LED Display.
  • Touch controls with feathers.
  • Available in a computerized variant.
  • Available in several load cell capacities and platform sizes.
  • Also, have an optional printer facility.

Mistakes to avoid

When using a box compression tester, users may make a few mistakes that can cause erroneous results or even damage to the machine. The following are some typical mistakes that should be avoided.

Inaccurate specimen placement: One of the frequent mistakes that a user has to avoid is positioning the specimen incorrectly. Test findings will be inaccurate if the specimen is not positioned precisely.

Not supplying adequate earthing to the instrument: Inadequate earthing of the box compression test machine may cause variations in the load indicator. As a result, the user must inspect the sockets and ground the computer properly.

Ignoring to calibrate it regularly: Calibration guarantees that the readings on your box compression strength tester are accurate. However, our team of professionals is always available to assist you with machine calibration. 

Positioning the machine on an uneven floor: Raising the risk of accidents by positioning the machine on an uneven surface might lead to instability. Users should therefore take care not to set the machine down on uneven surfaces. If you take care of these considerations, using a digital box compression tester can be a simple operation. Additionally, you can obtain precise testing results and learn more about the operation of a box compression testing machine.

Price of a Box Compression Tester

To evaluate the robustness and longevity of packing materials, box compression test machines are crucial. The features, specs, and manufacturer of these tests might affect the price. For all of your packaging testing requirements, Effective Lab India provides accurate and dependable box compression testers at a reasonable price. As prices might vary based on customisation and other features, it is advised to speak with Effective Lab India directly for the exact box compression tester price.

Box Compression Tester Manufacturer – Effective Lab India

Reputable box compression tester manufacturer Effective Lab India is well-known for their dependability and accuracy. They provide cutting-edge testing options made to satisfy the exacting requirements of packaging industry regulations. Businesses looking for trustworthy packaging testing equipment choose Effective Lab India because of their dedication to quality and innovation, which guarantees that their box compression strength testers produce consistent and predictable findings.

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