carbon black content apparatus

Carbon Black Content Apparatus

Carbon Black Content Apparatus

This instrument is commonly utilized for the determination of black carbon content in polypropylene or polyethene materials. The black carbon content test is only applicable to the samples where the free state of carbon is present.

The carbon black content is measured by calculating the difference in weight of a sample before & after treatment in this apparatus.

Before conducting a carbon black content test, the user should know whether their equipment is made up of ASTM standards or not.

The Carbon Black content apparatus manufactured by Effective Lab India comes with ASTM and IS standards for conducting carbon black content tests.

Model      ELI- CBCA

Carbon Black Content Test method

Place the test sample into the weighed combustion boat.

Then place the sample in a 600C tube furnace.

After the set time, cool the combustion boat.

Place the combustion boat into a 600C muffle furnace to oxidize the carbon residues.

After oxidation, cool the combustion boat and weight.

Size of a specimen: 1 to a few grams.

Using the formula: – The percent carbon black = 

(Wr – Wo) x 100 


Wo= Residue mass from muffle furnace.

Wr = Residue mass from tube furnace. 

Ws= Original mass of the sample.

  • Sample fits on hot plate with ease.
  • IS 4984 and IS 4985 standards
  • A very precise microscope has a 100X and 450X magnification
  • The temperature can be changed to suit your needs.
    • Size of Hot plate: 8 inch diameter.
    • Power: 230V, 50 Hz, single phase
    • Size of Microscope Screen: 6 inch diameter.
    • Temperature range: Ambient to 200 ºC.
    • Paint: Powder coated.
    • Microscope Magnification Power: 100X, 450X

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Carbon Black Content Apparatus Manufacturers

There are numerous manufacturers of this apparatus in India. But Effective Lab India is the number 1 manufacturer of this testing equipment.

The instrument manufactured by Effective Lab India is highly unique and cost-effective.

There is a tubular furnace in the carbon black content apparatus with mild steel use. Long-lasting furnace due to the heater’s low wattage. For controlling the temperature, the instrument is fitted with a PID controller. 

Moreover, Effective Lab India’s carbon black content apparatus contains a nitrogen flow meter and a set of glass parts. 

Moreover, for holding the solid ice, it contains two separate flasks and the main combustion tube is made up of Quartz glass. 

Quartz glass is used because it withstands higher temperatures on the other hand to hardened glass.


1: How do you test carbon black content?

Ans: A carbon black content is tested when a weighed sample is heated in a combustion boat at 850 C.

2: What is the ASTM standard for carbon black content?

Ans: The ASTM standard for carbon black content is D1603-14.

3: What is the CBC test in plastic?

Ans: The CBC test in plastic is used to know the actual quantity of carbon black content which is present in the plastic.

4: What is the CBC apparatus price in India?

Ans: The pricing of CBC apparatus starts from 80000 INR to 90000 INR in India.

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