Paint & Plating Test Instruments

salt spray test chamber

Cyclic Salt Spray Test Chamber

Salt spray test chambers or cyclic test chambers are widely used in the automotive and metal products manufacturing industry to conduct the corrosion resistance test of the surface coatings. This quality assurance test will be used to determine 

salt spray chamber in white color with open hood

Salt Spray Test Chamber

Salt Spray Chamber is made as per ASTM B117 and JIS 2371 which is used for conducting Neutral Salt Spray Test or NSS test on Meta Surface Coatings. It is used for checking the resistance of the coating towards corrosive environment.

CASS Cum Salt Spray Chamber - effective lab India

CASS Cum Salt Spray Chamber

The Effective Lab. CASS Tester has been designed strictly as per the relevant standard to assess the ability of rust proofed components to withstand corrosion due to atmospheric conditions. It is Triple Walled (with glass wool insulation).

salt spray chamber

Salt Spray Chamber – Jupiter Series

If you are fed up with the fast corrosion of metal products, then don’t worry, Effective Lab India has a solution for you. Effective Lab India is going to provide you with testing equipment known as a Salt Spray Chamber.


Water Bath Digital-Touch Screen

Water Bath is used in different industries to assess the physical characteristics of the materials when subjected to an elevated temperature. This machine comes with a tower style 3 coloured alarm to alert the operator.
Colour Matching Cabinet – CMC


The Effective Lab Color Matching Cabinet Spectrum Asia II is highly recommended for laboratories and industries where it is important to maintain color consistency and quality. The equipment provides a standardized environment 

hot air oven

Laboratory Hot Air Oven

Hot Air Oven is a unique test cabinet designed to detect the change in the physical characteristics of the material and to ascertain the actual working life of testing device at elevated temperature. Works on Forced air circulation, thermal convection principle, suitable for Tests like 


Impact Resistance Tester For Paint

For tests on coatings for crack formation; breaking off; adhesion and elasticity. A bulge is formed in the sheet metal by a falling weight with a hemispherical end. The coating can be on the outside or on the inside of the bulge.
Coating Thickness Gauge Ferrous
Coating Thickness Gauge Ferrous

Effective Lab India coating thickness gauge is the perfect instrument to use measure the expected life of coating. Widely used in paints and dry coating, it measures the dry film thickness very efficiently. Dry coating measurement is a very crucial…

UV Light Weathering Tester

UV Light Weathering Tester

Bench Ultraviolet light Accelerated Weathering Tester is very affordable and easy to use a machine which can easily meet all testing requirements related to weathering testing. It is a very effective testing instrument that helps to create natural…


Conical Bending Mandrel

Effective Lab. Conical Bending Mandrel is a laboratory apparatus to bend coated test panels over a conical shaped mandrel in order to assess the elasticity or resistance of a coating paint or varnish to cracking; elongation and / or detachment from a metal…
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Muffle Furnace
The Effective Lab. muffle furnace is used to determine the ash content of a specimen. The percentage of ash in a material gives important insights into the properties of the substance. The Presto muffle furnace is specially designed as per IS & ASTM Standards.
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Xenon Arc Test Chambers

Effective Lab India offers different types of environmental testing instruments to create actual weather conditions of various kinds. One of the best environmental test equipment introduced by Effective Lab. is Xenon 866. The test equipment helps to examine the weather resistance.

humidity test chamber

Humidity Test Chamber

humidity test chamber is an equipment for testing the products. A different environment is created in this chamber which allows the manufacturers to test their products to the harshest conditions.