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Salt Spray Test Chamber Mobile & Laptop Operated

If you are fed up with the fast corrosion of metal products, then don’t worry, Effective Lab India has a solution for you. Effective Lab India is going to provide you with testing equipment known as a Salt Spray Chamber. This instrument is structured in a way to test the rust-proof ability of materials to withstand corrosion. The corrosion resistance of metal products can be checked by using a salt spray test machine. Additionally, this testing equipment is easy to use and understand. There is no need for any special training for testing on the Salt Spray Chamber.

However, you can check the resistance of your products against rust and corrosion with just one machine.


When the surface of a metal reacts with its environment then corrosion occurs. Corrosion affects the metals for several years. So, that’s why corrosion testing is most important for metal products to check whether the products are long-lasting or not.

Corrosion tests can be done in several ways but the most common and beneficial way is by using a salt spray test chamber. The corrosion test of metal products can be easily conducted with the Salt Spray Chamber of Effective Lab India. Moreover, you can test the durability and stability of several metals against environmental conditions with the help of this testing equipment.

Working Process of Salt Spray Test Chamber

Salt spray tests can easily be conducted by following these steps. 

• For doing the corrosion test, you should have to prepare the specimen first. 

• The specimen should be cleaned. 

• Non-metallic elements and the Elements coated with paints should be cleaned. 

The specimen should then be positioned between 15 and 30 degrees from vertical, ideally parallel to the main direction of the fog’s horizontal flow. One important thing is to ensure that the samples are arranged in a manner so they don’t contaminate one another.

Display7-inch TFT LCD color touchscreen with HMI
Temperature RangeAmbient to 40°C
Temperature Range for Test Chamber35°C ± 2°C
Least Count for Chamber Temperature0.1°C
Repeatability of Chamber Temperature± 2°C
Temperature Range for Air Saturator40°C to 49°C
Temperature Least Count for Air Saturators0.1°C
Repeatability of Air Saturation Temperature± 2°C
Power15 A, 50 Hz, single phase, 220 V of power Control
PIDtemperature controller built-in
TimeSix-digit timer (hour meter)
Test Air PressureExamine Air pressure ranges from 0.7 to 1.2 kg/cm³
Air Regulator0 to 30 psi
1Jupitor - 250
2Jupitor - 450
3Jupitor - 1000
Inner Dimensions (mm)Outer Dimensions (mm)
  • Various grades of metal can be easily tested.
  • HMI-based Display.
  • For an effective mode of operation, digital controls are provided.
  • The results of testing are highly accurate.
  • It is structured with strong rigged material for effective testing. 
  • Data management is easy which allows the machine to function smoothly.
  • Designed in compatibility with industrial standards.
  • Timer functions which provide results accuracy.
  • Specific temperatures can be set for testing.

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Additionally, ensure that no sample’s salt solution spills onto another. Once the necessary steps have been completed, you should shut the canopy and allow this testing instrument to conduct the test.

Salt Spray Chamber Manufacturer

Corrosion testing is the most important thing that should be done by every metal industry. Also, the corrosion test is done by several methods but the most common method is by using a salt fog test chamber. Since the Salt Spray test chamber is used for corrosion testing in several industries, its manufacturers are in numbers. But, to check the best manufacturers of this testing equipment is the most important thing.

If you are in search of the best manufacturer of Salt Spray chambers, then you are at the right place. The salt spray test machine of Effective Lab India is manufactured in a competent working and suitably trained environment. Our products are tested after they are manufactured and then the products are launched to the market. This testing instrument can be used easily with reasonable safety precautions.


1: What is the purpose of a salt spray chamber?

Ans: Salt Spray Chambers are used for testing the corrosion resistance properties of metals. It is used in several industries for testing the corrosion of metal products.

2: What is the pH of the salt spray test?

Ans: The pH of a salt spray test is 6.5 to 7.

3: Why 5 NaCl is used in the salt spray test?

Ans: 5 NaCl is used in a salt spray test for generating a highly corrosive environment.

4: What is the salt spray chamber price in India?

Ans: The pricing of the Salt Spray Chamber Jupitor Series starts from 2.8 Lakhs INR to 6 Lakhs INR in India.

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