Xenon Arc Test Chamber

xenon arc test chamber

Xenon Arc Test Chamber

Effective Lab India provides a variety of environmental testing equipment to simulate real-world weather conditions. Xenon is among the top environmental test instruments that Effective Lab India has created. The weather resistance is examined with the use of the test apparatus. Our testing instruments subject materials to extreme Xenon Arc light, moisture, and temperature fluctuations in order to replicate the most extreme environmental circumstances. These exacting tests are carried out with great care, yielding priceless information for quality control and product development. Our Xenon Arc Test Chambers are essential to producing goods that surpass customer and industry expectations. At Effective Lab, we are dedicated to quality in every facet of our production process.


Model      ELIXATC

Uses of Xenon arc test chamber

The instrument is used for the study of weathering and accelerated aging testing by the emulation of environmental conditions. It is known as the Xenon Test Chamber because a xenon arc lamp is used in this chamber as a light source. It is used for the evaluation of the weather resistance of products. These chambers control weathering by using temperature, moisture and varying light spectrum. 

During scientific research and production, the weathering test is a beneficial tool for optimizing the composition of your product. It is a crucial component of the inspection process for product quality. This type of weather ability test is mandated for industries like coatings, plastic, aluminum-plastic plates, and auto-safety glass.

Price of Xenon Arc Test Chamber

We provide a variety of Xenon Aging Test Chambers at Effective Lab India equipment company, all of which are made to fulfil a range of testing requirements. We make sure that our prices are reasonable and understandable, regardless of whether you need a Xenon Arc Test Chamber to evaluate the robustness and functionality of your materials or goods. The starting range of Our Xenon test chamber price is 400000 INR to 800000 INR in India. Our dedication to excellence continues to the manufacturer’s details, as each Xenon Arc Test Chamber is handcrafted by professionals at the forefront of the industry, guaranteeing accuracy and dependability.


Xenon Lamp A 1.8KW iXenon lamp
FliterDaylight filter or Windows Glass filter
Lamp Lifetime1,500~ 2,000 hours
Exposure Area 1,000 cm2
Capacity for Standard specimen( 150×70cm)9 pieces
Adjustable Irradiance range0.5~ 2.0 W/m2 (Single point of control: 0.35~ 1.0 W/m2340nm) (Single point of 50 W/m2~ 120 (Full spectrum :from 300~ 400nm)
Adjustable testing temperature rangeRT+30? ~ 80?
Power Supply220V 50/60HZ; 12A
Max. Rated Power of Chamber 2.5 KW
Dimension (L×W×H )780×580×1,040 mm
Net Weight 97 KG

• Excellent system control with latest HMI touchscreen
• Maintains rapid resumption of Xenon lamp during continuous circulation
• Temperature setting and Preset Timer functions incorporated in HMI for accuracy and repeatability.
• Program profile for selecting test parameters and performing the test.
• Current test running status display
• Xenon Lamp to simulate short-wave ultraviolet part of sunlight
• Digital display of test time, chamber temperature, spray time, accumulated time.
• Fully automatic test cycle after settings through Touch Screen control

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Xenon test chamber used in several industries

Test samples can replicate months or years of damage caused by outdoor weathering in a matter of days or weeks when they are placed at a specific temperature, light, and moisture at alternating cycles using a predetermined program.

Our Xenon test chambers can be used in several industries such as:

  1. Automotive Industry: This machine is used in automotive industries for evaluating the performance and durability of automotive materials such as coatings, paints and interior components. 
  2. Aerospace Industry: This machine is used in the aerospace industry for testing the resistance of aircraft components. It includes harsh environmental conditions and exterior coatings. This testing helps in ensuring the safety and longevity of products.
  3. Electronics Industry: In electronic industries, This machine is also used for assessing the lifespan and reliability of electronic devices. This testing simulates the temperature cycling, exposure to sunlight and humidity of the products which further helps manufacturers identify the problems and to improve the quality of the electronic products.
  4. Textile Industry: These instruments are used in textile industries to evaluate the fading resistance and colour fastness of fabrics after exposure to sunlight. This testing helps textiles to maintain their appearance and good color even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  5. Plastic Industry: This testing machine instrument is most used in the plastic industry for testing plastic color from sun rays.

Advantages of using a Xenon arc testing chamber

Following are some advantages of using a xenon arc testing chamber in industries.

  • Accelerated testing: The testing machine can accelerate the speed of testing by the exposure of samples to intense light, moisture and heat. This acceleration helps the manufacturers identify the long-term effect of weathering in a short time.
  • Realistic Simulation: The Xenon arc lamps can simulate the full spectrum of Sunlight. It simulates the UV and IR rays of the Sun.
  • Versatile testing parameters: There is flexibility in controlling various testing parameters, such as Humidity, temperature and light intensity.
  • Evaluation of the performance of the material: This chamber can evaluate the overall performance of the material. It’s durability and colorfastness etc.
  • Cost-effective and time-saving: Testing in this test chamber is cost-effective and time-saving. Doing tests in a controlled chamber requires less amount and time as compared to outdoor exposure testing. After testing, manufacturers identify the specific problems in the product and then improve the quality.
  • Reproducibility: Xenon arc testing chamber provides repeatable testing conditions which ensures accurate results. Reproducibility is very important for the quality of a product.

Xenon arc test chamber Manufacturers in India

Effective Lab India is the leading manufacturer and suppliers of Xenon arc test chambers offering advanced solutions for accelerated weathering testing. 

We(Effective Lab India) are a group of companies that offer high-quality testing chambers in Faridabad, India. If you are looking for a xenon arc weathering chamber for your industry, then you are at the right place. This testing equipment is developed by our technicians has a unique design and is simple to use. The xenon arc weatherometer equipment manufactured by us is made keeping in mind the ASTM D2565 standard. It is tested again and again by expert engineers so that it can do its job perfectly.

So, hurry up! Purchase of this test chamber for testing the durability and sunlight exposure of your products.

You can also order online or by visiting our office located in Faridabad, India.


1: What is a xenon test chamber?

Ans: It is a testing equipment used for testing the durability and exposure of sunlight to the products. This test chamber uses a xenon arc lamp as a light source, that’s why it is known as a Xenon arc test chamber.

2: What wavelength is the Xenon arc?

Ans: The wavelength of a xenon arc depends on specific conditions, It typically ranges from ultraviolet to visible light.

3: What are the benefits of xenon?

Ans: Xenon arc test chamber has several benefits. The most common use of xenon arc is in lighting because it produces intense and bright light which is similar to natural sunlight. Moreover, Xenon has several uses and benefits in anesthesia and medical imaging.

4: What is the standard for xenon arc testing?

Ans: Different standards of xenon arc testing depend on the specific industry. Some commonly used standards include ASTM G155 and ISO 4892. These standards help in providing guidelines for testing the performance and durability of materials under simulated exposure to sunlight. Moreover, you need to consult the specific standard according to your industry for accurate results of testing. 

5: What is a xenon arc weather meter?

Ans: It is a type of testing equipment that uses xenon arc lamps for the simulation of outdoor weathering conditions. In xenon arc weather meters, materials are exposed to a combination of heat, light and moisture to assess their performance and durability over time.

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