Melt Flow Index Tester

Bursting Strength Tester

Bursting Strength Tester is quality testing equipment that is popularly used in the paper and packaging and textile industries. Our technologically advanced range is widely acknowledged in the market for its easy operations, user-friendliness, and outstanding performance. It is widely used by industries and institutions and stands out as a proven and reliable piece of equipment.

Salt Spray Chamber

Salt Spray Chamber is high-quality, processed, and one of the most frequently-used quality testing equipment that evaluates the corrosion resistance capacity of metal surface, and coated or painted material. Salt spray testing chambers allow selective & reproducible accelerated corrosion testing complying with the requirements of relevant national and international standards as well as customized with effective & timely delivery.
Our Salt Spray Test Chamber simulates harsh environmental conditions to rigorously evaluate product durability and corrosion resistance. In tandem, our Ozone Aging Test Chamber subjects materials to ozone exposure, replicating real-world conditions and assessing their resistance to aging. At Effective Lab, we harness the power of the Salt Spray Test Chamber and Ozone Aging Test Chamber to ensure our products meet the highest industry standards, providing reliability and longevity.
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Melt flow index

We are the leading manufacturer of melt flow index in Faridabad. Any material’s physical and chemical characteristics can be examined based on the melt flow rate. Melt flow indexes are frequently used in the plastics industry to evaluate the quality and consistency of polymers and to ensure that they meet the specified flow properties.

Melt Flow Index Tester
ozone test chamber

Ozone Exposure Chamber


To test the ozone colorfastness of textiles, the Ozone Exposure Chamber offers a dependable and secure testing environment.
A touchscreen controller, a high-output ozone generator, and closed-loop control of the ozone concentration in the chamber are all features of the instrument. The rotating rack can accommodate up to twenty-four specimens. Due to the fact that all exhaust from the chamber is processed by an ozone scrubber, the unit does not need a fume hood or exhaust piping. The chamber door has a safety interlock that prevents it from being opened until the ozone has been cleared and the chamber air pressure is kept negative to ensure there are no leaks, adding to the user’s safety. English, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese user interfaces are offered.

  • High output ozone generator
  • Touch screen controller with four language options
  • Closed loop control of ozone levels
  • Can be programmed to warm up at set time
  • LED lighting in chamber
  • Large viewing window with UV blocking glass
  • UV blocking glass on chamber door
  • Ozone scrubber, door interlock, and negative chamber pressure provide safety
  • Operating environment 20-25° C and 50-70% Rh
  • Instrument does not need to be in a fume hood or connected to exhaust