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In order to evaluate whether rust-proofed components can resist corrosion brought on by atmospheric circumstances, the Effective Lab CASS Test Chamber was meticulously built in accordance with the applicable standard with glass wool insulation, it has three walls. We have equipped our manufacturing company with a cutting-edge Cass Cum Salt Spray Test Chamber. This chamber plays a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and durability of our products by subjecting them to rigorous corrosion resistance testing. Our team of skilled technicians utilizes the Cass Cum Salt Spray Test Chamber to simulate harsh environmental conditions, allowing us to develop and produce high-performance materials and coatings that meet and exceed industry standards. With the Cass Cum Salt Spray Test Chamber at the core of our testing procedures, we guarantee that our products are built to withstand the harshest conditions and deliver unmatched quality and reliability to our customers.


What is the uses Cass Cum Test Chamber?

Cass Salt Spray Chamber is the most advanced and versatile instrument which allows you to copper resist corrosion of a surface coating. With the help of this instrument, you can check whether a copper specimen should withstand environmental conditions or not.

General Information on Cass Test Chamber

Range of Temperature: 0 to 60 degrees Celsius. (Required Temperature: 49 +/- 2 degrees Celsius)

Accuracy of Temperature: +/-1 degree Celsius.

Temperature Control: Using a special Zero Corrosion PT 100 sensor, a solid-state digital programmable temperature controller accompanied by an indicator.

Air Regulator: There is an air regulator with a pressure range of 0 to 30 psi and a moisture cum oil filter.

Construction: FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) construction

Standard Facilities: Air purging, a time totalizer, a cyclic timer, regulators, gauges, and specimen racks are features that are included with every model.

  • Display7-inch TFT LCD color touchscreen with HMI
    Temperature RangeAmbient to 40°C
    Temperature Range for Test Chamber35°C ± 2°C
    Least Count for Chamber Temperature0.1°C
    Repeatability of Chamber Temperature± 2°C
    Temperature Range for Air Saturator40°C to 49°C
    Temperature Least Count for Air Saturators0.1°C
    Repeatability of Air Saturation Temperature± 2°C
    Power15 A, 50 Hz, single phase, 220 V of power Control
    PIDtemperature controller built-in
    TimeSix-digit timer (hour meter)
    Test Air PressureExamine Air pressure ranges from 0.7 to 1.2 kg/cm³
    Air Regulator0 to 30 psi
    1Cass - 250
    2Cass - 450
    3Cass - 1000
    Inner Dimensions (mm)Outer Dimensions (mm)

• Inbuilt temperature settings
• Salt Spray Test mode enabled to set parameters according to test sample
• Temperature setting and Preset Timer functions incorporated in HMI for accuracy and repeatability
• Corrosion Resistant PT-100 sensor
• Solid state digital Programmable Temperature Controller
• Program profile for selecting test parameters and performing the test.
• Easy Data Management. User can create PID settings, Air Saturator settings, test temperature, test and air purge time etc.
• Current test running status display
• Robust Construction with Fiber reinforced body(Triple wall)
• Ease of use of sample placements inside the test chamber
• Pneumatically operated canopy (only for 250 Ltr. Model)
• Air purge after test for fog settlement.
• Microprocessor based inbuilt PID controller
• Reservoir Tank inside sponge filter available
• Auto Tuning feature selection
• Run time vs temperature graph
• Data recording with temperature data reading
• USB option available (Pen drive is not a part of supply)
• Option available to set PV and SV value
• User can control PID settings through Advanced Hysteresis setting
• Angle of Canopy maintained in order to restrict flow of droplets directly on the test sample.

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Procedure of testing in a Cass test chamber

In testing a cass test chamber, the sample is first cleaned and then it is ready to be tested for contaminants in a Cass test. Then, it is put into the test chamber. In addition, a corrosive environment is created by the copper chloride solution that fills the chamber. 

After that, the test chamber is heated to a predetermined temperature and kept consistently humid. The corrosive solution, heat, and humidity all work together to speed up the corrosion process.

Following the exposure time, the sample is taken out of the chamber and examined for corrosion indicators, like rust or discoloration. This helps in evaluating how well the material resists corrosion.

Use of Cass Cum Test Chamber

The Cass Cum test chamber is used to assess the ability of a material to withstand corrosion, particularly coatings and finishes. It assists in simulating elements of the real environment, such as humidity, drying cycles, and salt spray. This testing technique is frequently used in the aerospace and automotive industries to verify the efficacy and longevity of materials in corrosive environments. The chamber evaluates how well coatings and finishes prevent corrosion by exposing the samples to these repeated exposures. The Cass test chamber is a useful tool for research and quality assurance in many industries. 

Working process of Cass Cum testing chamber

The Cass Cum test chamber operates by putting test samples through a cycle of corrosion testing. This test subjects the samples to cycles of humidity, drying, and salt spray, simulating real-world environmental conditions. The salt spray, or mist of a salt solution, is first introduced to the samples in a controlled environment created by the test chamber. The corrosion process is sped up as a result of the corrosive environment this produces. After that, the samples are exposed to high humidity levels, and a drying phase comes next. This repeated exposure aids in simulating the corrosive impacts of various environmental circumstances. Following the test, the samples are inspected for corrosion in order to determine how well coatings and finishes prevent corrosion.

Manufacturer of Cass Test Chamber

There are several manufacturers of Case Test chambers which vary accordingly. If you are looking for the best manufacturer of Cass Test chamber in Faridabad, India then you are at the right place.

By simulating harsh environmental conditions in the Cass Cum Salt Spray Test Chamber, our team of highly skilled technicians can develop and produce high-performance materials and coatings that meet industry standards. Our testing processes are centred around the Cass Cum Salt Spray Test Chamber, which allows us to ensure that our products are designed to withstand the most extreme circumstances while providing our customers with unrivalled quality and dependability.


1: What is a Cass Test?

Ans: It is a test that is performed to check the quality and durability of products against environmental conditions.

2: What is the difference between the Salt Spray test and the Cass Test?

Ans: The main difference between a Salt Spray Test and a Cass test is their testing method. In a salt spray test, a mist of salt water is sprayed on the sample and a Cass test involves a cyclic exposure to a salt spray which is followed by a controlled humidity environment.

3: What is the full form of the Cass Test?

Ans: The full form of a Cass test is Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray (CASS).

4: Which is better, Salt Spray or Cass Cum test?

Ans: Both Cass and Salt spray test has their own purposes and advantages. However, the salt spray test is a common and simpler method while the Cass Cum test is an advanced and more comprehensive test that incorporates humidity and dry cycles for the simulation of several environmental conditions. However, the choice depends on the specific testing scenario.

5: What is the Cass test for chrome plating?

Ans: The Cass test for chrome plating is a widely used method for the evaluation of corrosion resistance of chrome plated surfaces. This process is based on the Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray test which is a variant of the traditional salt spray test.

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