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Coefficient of Friction Tester

COF Tester is used for the measurement of coefficient friction of materials. For packaging testing, two kinds of friction are available. Some materials such as plastic, films, paper etc are used for the determination of their coefficient friction. Before starting, Let us discuss what is the Coefficient of Friction.

The coefficient of friction is a value that helps in determining the connection between two objects. 

Moreover, in Physics, it is also used as a value for determining the normal force of a material. 

The coefficient of Friction is based on static or dynamic value.

The coefficient of friction is a dimensionless property that doesn’t have any unit. Moreover, it is also a scalar quantity.

Model      ELI- CEFT

The coefficient of friction depends on the objects that cause friction, therefore lab testing equipment is used to determine the value of the friction on different materials. Several people are confused that the value of friction is limited to the values between zero and one. It means that normal force is less than friction force.

So, for determining the value of friction on different devices, you should try the Coefficient of Friction tester manufactured by Effective Lab India. You can easily get it from Effective Lab India at an affordable price.

Uses of Coefficient of Friction Tester

It is used to test the value of the coefficient of friction on different things. For your ease, we have listed some common uses of the Coefficient of Friction. Let us discuss.

  • The coefficient of Friction Tester is used in the packaging industry. With the help of this testing equipment, you can test the value of friction on several things such as paper, plastic films etc.
  • The coefficient of static friction allows you to measure the static and kinetic coefficients of the materials.
  • Kinetic friction testers allow the manufacturers to determine the stacking ability of plastic sheets.
  • The main common and important use of COF is to prevent accidents that happen due to friction in transportation.
  • Also, this testing equipment is used to test the friction value of solid fiberboard.
    • Microprocessor based display for accurate test results
    • Highly accurate test results under sliding friction.
    • Slider Block for performing tests – Sample to Sample, glass or metal
    • No slippage in case specimen is tightened uniformly using fly screws without any loops.
    • Inbuilt hardware/software CD
    • Data can be tabulated in excel format
    • Email facility of report
    • Display for Dynamic and Kinetic Friction
    • Pass/Fail Criteria can be programmed
    • Steel with Glass Mounting as Sample Mounting Surface
    • Feather touch controls
    • Easy Data Management. User can create product identification, test details, etc.
    • Graph test report is Force Vs Elongation
    • 10 Sample test reports can be seen on one report
    • Load Cell Capacity: 1 Kgf
    • Display:
      • LED (Digital)
      • Graphical
    • Speed: 150 ± 30 mm/min
    • Least Count/Resolution: 1 gm
    • Power: 220V, Single Phase, 50 Hz
    • Motor: 15 kg/cm2 torque, 60rpm
    • Accuracy: ±2% at full load (with master load)

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COF Tester Working Procedure

The coefficient of friction tester is used for the measurement of frictional force between two surfaces. It helps in determining the stickiness and slipperiness of a material. By applying a known force and measuring the resulting friction, it gives us valuable information about the material’s characteristics. It is a useful tool for the packaging, automotive and manufacturing industries.


1: What is the use of the coefficient of friction tester?

Ans: The coefficient of the Friction tester is used to determine the static and sliding friction of materials etc.

2: How do you measure the coefficient of Friction?

Ans: The coefficient of Friction is measured by using a formula; μ = F/N.

3: What is the unit of Coefficient of Friction?

Ans: The unit of coefficients of Friction is dimensionless which means it has no specific unit.

4: What is the coefficient of Friction Tester Price?

Ans: The Pricing of COF Tester is starting from 80000 INR to 160000 INR in India.

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