Digital Specific Gravity Balance


Digital Specific Gravity Balance

The specific gravity of an elastomer is an important consideration for its identification. Also, it can be used for assessing its physical properties. Specific gravity balance is useful for identifying the balance of rubber or other products.

Gravity balance manufactured by Effective Lab India is used for evaluating rubber products. It has wide and most common uses in the rubber industry. 

Moreover, specific gravity balance can also be used for checking the quality of a material. It is used to check whether the product is made up of the same compound or not. 

Users can see the specific gravity of products on a digital screen.

Model      ELI- DSGB

Digital-specific gravity balance is mainly structured for use in laboratories. It is simple to use and the operations are very simple and easy due to the easy button operations. Let us tell you some of the features of a digital specific gravity balance.

  • Battery operator
  • Inbuilt self-calibration
  • Inbuilt functions
  • User friendly
  • LCD
  • Calibration certificate

Working Principle Digital Specific Gravity Balance

An object submerged in a fluid experiences an upward buoyant force equal to the weight of the fluid it displaces.

However, a specific gravity balance operates by comparing a sample’s density to that of a reference material, often water. The sample’s weight is first determined in air and subsequently in water using a balance. The sample’s specific gravity can be determined by comparing the two weights.  A substance’s specific gravity or relative density can be ascertained using the specific gravity balance. It’s a useful instrument for many different applications, such as quality control and materials testing.

    • Battery or AC operater
    • Self Calibration inbuilt
    • User-friendly menu driven function
    • Inbuilt functions for Hold, Totalize, specific gravity.
    • Different units selectable: g, Kg, oz, lb, %, etc.
  • Display: LCD (Digital)
  • Range: 1.0 to 3.0

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1: What is the specific gravity balance?

Ans: Specific gravity balance is a useful tool for determining the gravity of rubber or rubber-like products.

2: How to calculate specific gravity?

Ans: The specific gravity of a product can be calculated when the density of a substance is divided by the density of air or water.

3: What is an example of specific gravity?

Ans: The example of specific gravity includes.

Alcohol has a specific gravity of 0.82 and Petrol has a specific gravity of 0.72.

4: What is the SG of water?

Ans: Since the standard by which other liquids are measured is water. The probable label for water is 1.000. So in terms, The SG of water is 1.000 at 4 degrees.

5: What is the price of Specific gravity balance in Faridabad?

Ans: The Pricing of these instruments starts from 25000 INR to 54000 INR in India.

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