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A fume hood is a large equipment which encloses a work area having five sides. The main function of a laboratory fume hood is to protect the personnel of a laboratory by preventing contaminants such as mists, dust and chemical vapours. Fume hoods are laboratory equipment which are evaluated every year for their proper function. 

Moreover, To hide the exhaust ductwork, they are often set back against the walls. laboratory fume hoods have a space for a light source but are often dark inside due to their shape. The front opening of a fume hood is made up of glass which is raised and lowered by a counterbalance mechanism.

Model      ELI- FH

Moreover, the sides and back sides are also made up of glass in some educational versions of a fume hood. 

If we talk about the availability of a fume hood, then you should know that a laboratory fume hood may be available in 5 different widths which include: 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2000 mm. The depth of a fume hood varies from 700 mm to 900 mm and the height of a lab fume hood ranges between 1900 – 2700mm.

Moreover, an enclosed glove box is used in the fume hood for exceptional hazards. This may isolate the operator from direct contact with the work material.

Working Principle of Laboratory Fume Hood

This equipment has two main types which include ducted and recirculating. Both types have the same principle of working.  From the front side of a cabinet, the air is drawn from inside and either ejected from the structure or filtered safely before being reintroduced into the space.

A laboratory fume hood uses a fan to draw in air from the front opening of the hood. A flow of air is created towards the back of the hood with the help of this fan and then the air gets exhausted through a vent. A fume hood is used in laboratories to protect humans from harmful fumes while working. A fume hood in a lab is just like a protective shield against the bad stuff. 

  • Four-inch fan blower
  • Power Source: Single Phase AC, 230V, 50Hz
  • Body: Chamber made of stainless steel
  • ¼ HP, Single Phase, 1440 Rpm Motor
  • Front thick glass covers ensure safe and silent operation.
  • Workplace fumes have been totally eliminated.
  • Superior resistance to chemicals and efficient air flow management.
    minimal upkeep.
  • Due to the extract fan’s distance from the operator, it operates quietly.
  • Energy-Efficient and Ergonomic Design

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Uses OF Laboratory Fume Hoods.

Lab fume hoods are important to use in labs. They are used in laboratories for the safe performance of different practices. A lab fume hood has several uses which include.

  • Protects from harmful gasses and fumes that are released during an experiment.
  • Used while working with chemical and volatile substances. 
  • In a fume hood, a controlled environment is created which keeps you safe while lab work.
  • Fume hoods are used to protect the environment, products and experiments.

Fume hood manufacturer in India.

As the laboratory fume hood is the most common and important thing in the laboratory, it means it must have several manufacturers all over the world. But, here we talk only about the manufacturers of a Fume hood in India. 

Yes, if you are going to purchase a fume hood and looking for the best manufacturers of a fume hood, then you are in the right place. 

Effective Lab India is the best manufacturer of fume hoods. The pricing of this instrument start from 80000 INR to 180000 INR in India.

The Effective Lab Fume Hood has heavy Stainless Steel Construction 304 Grade, a small S.S. Sink, a Water Tap, and a Water outlet provided. A sliding glass door moves vertically with a counterweight. Complete with fluorescent light. Centrifugal motor fan with S.S. fitted with the exhaust fumes will be vented with a PVC pipe outlet.


1: What is a fume hood?

Ans: A fume hood is an equipment which is used in laboratories to protect humans and personnels of laboratories from harmful chemicals and contaminants.

2: What are the two advantages of a fume hood?

Ans:  1st :- They keep you safe from harmful gasses during work in the lab.


2nd :- Secondly, a controlled environment is created in a lab fume hood to control any hazardous substance.

3: What is the use of the Fume Hood chamber?

Ans: A Fume hood chamber is the inside space of the fume hood. It is the space which is used for performing experiments. A fume chamber acts as a barrier between harmful subjects and you and it keeps you safe from any hazards.

4: Are fume hoods used for storage?

Ans: A fume hood is used to protect you in laboratories from harmful particles. Moreover, it is not used for storage. It is used for working with hazardous substances. 

5: How do you test fume hoods?

Ans: A fume hood can be tested by the following methods.

  • First, check that the hood is properly working. You can check the proper function by checking whether a fan is working or not.
  • You can also check the fume hood with the help of a smoke generator.
  • Moreover, you can also test the hood by checking the alarms and safety features of the Fume hood.

Regular testing of a hood is important to ensure a safe working environment in the laboratory.

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