GSM Round Cutter Machine

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GSM Round Cutter Machine

GSM is Grams Per Square Meter, Grammage is the unit of measurement that informs about the mass per unit area of a sheet of cardboard, Paper & fabric. This value is important for several reasons. You can understand the weight of a paper sample with the help of GSM Machine

However, the grammage of a paper can be tested by using testing equipment which is commonly known as a GSM round cutter. Here, you’ll see the details of the GSM round cutter manufactured by the experts of Effective Lab India.

This is very important machine in paper & fabric insdustries. GSM round cutter is a high-quality testing equipment which is used for the circular and precise cutting of samples for GSM Balance machine . It is structured with 4 built-in knives. The GSM Machine has high-grade blades which cut the specimens accurately.

Model     ELI-GRCM

GSM round cutters can cut numerous materials accurately and precisely. These materials include; aluminium, acrylic sheets, paper, cardboard, adhesive, thermal paper foil bags etc. Moreover, for the accurate measurement of grammage, the GSM Machine  is considered the number one testing equipment.

Working Process of GSM Round Cutter Machine

The GSM round cutter is manufactured by the experts of Effective Lab India. It is designed in a great way, so that it meets the industrial standards. It is designed in an accurate way which helps the industries to cut the specimens accurately.

Following working process of the GSM round cutter machine.

  • Pick up that sample and place it on the cutting pad of the GSM cutter machine.
  • Release the safety pin. There you can listen to the slight pressure on the handle. The internal blades come in contact with the sample due to pressure.
  • Rotate the handle under pressure and the specimens are kept cutting by moving.
  • Cut every sample accurately by applying the pressure on the GSM Machine.


Type of cutStandard
Sample area100cm 2
Number of blades4
Sample diameter112.8 mm
Safety latch Yes
Safety Lock Fine Brass Lock
Blade Holders4 made up of stainless steel
A Cutting PadNew pad made up of rubber
HandleSpecial Bakelite handle
MaterialDie-cast aluminum

GSM round cutter helps in the precise cutting of samples.

Let us discuss some features of the gsm cutter machine manufactured by Effective Lab India.

  • 4 German blades that are replaceable.
  • Accurate and precise test results.
  • Die cast or high-quality aluminium pressure.
  • Light in weight.
  • Also available with a facility safety latch.
  • Special Quality GSM pad for the provision of support while cutting.

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Uses of GSM round cutter machines.

A GSM cutter has several uses. It is used for cutting specimens. The most common use of a gsm cutter is in the textile industry for cutting samples of fabrics.

With the help of a GSM cutter machine, round-shaped fabric swatches are created which can be used for numerous purposes like pattern making, quality testing, or showcasing different fabric options.

GSM cutter is a widely used testing equipment in the textile industry. It has several manufacturers and suppliers. But if you are in search of the best manufacturer of a GSM cutting machine then Effective Lab India is the best suit for you.

At Effective Lab India, you will get a GEM round cutter designed by the experts that has several features.

Visit us at our office located in Faridabad and purchase your GSM cutting machine.


1: What is a GSM round cutter?

Ans: It is a testing equipment used for testing the grammage of a material. It is most commonly used in the Fabric & Paper industry.

2: What is the general diameter GSM cutter?

Ans: The general diameter is 113mm.

3: Which tool is used to measure GSM?

Ans: A grammage tester or GSM cutter is used to measure the GSM of a paper, fabric or cardboard.

4: What is the price of a GSM round cutter in India?

Ans: The Pricing of GSM Cutter starts from 6ooo INR to 12000 INR in India.

5: What is the formula for GSM calculation?

Ans: Divide the paper’s weight by the square meters on the sheet to determine the GSM.

:- grammage = mass(g)/lenght(m)×widgth(m)

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