Impact Resistance Tester For Paint


Impact Resistance Tester

Surface coating impacts play an important role in the industry of paint. It plays an important role in keeping well-furnished products. The impact of the surface can be tested with the help of a machine commonly known as an impact resistance tester.

This instrument contains; a weight uplift pin, die, guide pipe, sample holder, base plate and main block. An impact resistance tester is known for testing the impact resistance of numerous coatings that range from vanishes and paint to tough-plated metals.

Moreover, it is used for establishing the quality standards of resistance for impacting surface damage of fiberglass, plywood, resins, plastics and metal sheets.

An impact resistance tester can also be used for checking crack formation on plantings and coatings.


How to test on Impact resistance tester

For testing, follow the below steps.

  • Take a square-shaped sheet that is to be tested.
  • Rotate the clamping pin right side to 45C. It is for uplifting the machine to place the sample accurately.
  • After that, raise the sample weight according to its specifications. 
  • Over the hole of 14.3mm in die mounted, place the sample.
  • For clamping the sample firmly, rotate the clamp towards the left.
  • Drop the weight on the sample.
  • After drop-in weight, sample should be taken out for observation.
  • After that, evaluate the result.

Impact resistance tester is used in several industries for testing resistance. Hence, there are numerous manufacturers of this testing instrument. But you should have to purchase it from the best manufacturers. 

If you are living in Faridabad(a City in India), and you are looking for an impact tester for paint, then you should try Effective Lab India. We are a testing instruments manufacturing company located in Faridabad.

Our machines are purely made with high-quality materials and these are tested by the best engineers. 

So, grab this opportunity and purchase your Impact Resistance tester.

    Impact resistance tester comes with several features and benefits. By using this instrument, you are not only able to check paint coatings but can also improve your product quality. 

    The following features are mentioned.

    • The body is corrosion-resistant with a high-quality structure.
    • Easy to use machine.
    • Chrome plated for an aesthetic look.
    • Manual handle.
    • Structured by industrial standards.
    • Accurate results.
    • Free falling weight mechanism.
    • The instruction manual is provided along with a calibration certificate.
      • Maximum Impact Height: 1 meter
      • Weight: 1 kg & 2kg
      • Diameter of Die: 27+/-0.3 mm
      • Diameter of Punch: 20+/-0.3 mm

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    1: What is the test for impact resistance?

    Ans: The test for impact resistance is the Izod and Charpy impact tests.

    2: What does impact test for?

    Ans: The impact resistance test is for measuring the material’s ability to resist deformation.

    3: What is the impact resistance tester price in India?

    Ans: The pricing of these instruments starts from 25000 INR to 35000 INR in India.

    4: Which equipment is used in testing paints?

    Ans: Paints can be tested by paint testing instruments such as an impact resistance tester, abrasion tester coating thickness gauge etc.

    5: What is the impact resistance test for paint?

    Ans: Impact resistance tests for paints include two types as Direct impact test and Indirect Impact Test.

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