Laboratory Heat Sealer

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Laboratory Heat Sealer

Heat Sealer is a consistent tool used to perform sealing on flexible packaging products and other thermoplastic materials using pressure and heat by maintaining high temperatures. Effective Lab Heat Sealer is manufactured under various Test Standards such as ASTM F 2029.

A Laboratory Heat Sealer is an equipment which is used for sealing products, packings, and thermoplastic materials samples. This machine seals the product by using heat. 

This can occur with materials having multiple layers, one of which is thermoplastic, or with homogeneous thermoplastic monolayers. Heat sealing machines can be used to fuse dissimilar materials, or to fuse two materials that are similar.

There is a direct contact method of heat sealing in which a constant heating bar is used to heat the specific material.

Model     ELI-LHS

Applications of Heat Sealer

Heat sealing machines have several applications which include: thermally activated adhesives, heat seal connectors, and plastic ports.

In many consumer electronics, heat seal connectors can be used to join LCDs to PCBs. Also, it is used in telecommunication and medical devices.

When heat staking or ultrasonic welding is not an option due to part design requirements or other assembly considerations, heat sealing of products using thermal adhesives is used to hold clear display screens onto consumer electronics products and for other sealed thermo-plastic assemblies or devices.

Heatseal equipment can also be used in the filter media manufacturing and blood test film for the blood. Moreover, in today’s medicine, viruses and some other test strips are used. Films and laminate foils are mostly sealed with heat. Also, in medical wards; bottles, containers and plates are sealed with heat sealing to prevent contamination.

Moreover, in the plastic industry, heat sealer machine for plastic packaging is used. Also, plastic bags and other packaging products are often formed by a heat seal. Fluid bags used in food, medical and bioengineering industries are also sealed with the help of a heat-sealing machine.

  • Microprocessor based display for accurate test results
  • EN 31 hard and temper sealing jaw material
  • Guide rod mechanism for efficient control of sealing
  • Strong heating jaws for performing tests
  • Independent adjustment of temperature for upper & lower jaws 
  • Bright LED display for temperature and timer
  • PID temperature controller for highest level of controls and repeatability
  • Digital Preset timer
  • Highly accurate test results under pneumatic pressure control
  • Single Push button operation after setting PID temperature and time
  • Strong heating jaws for performing tests
  • No slippage in case specimen is placed uniformly without any loops

Equipment Range 

 Ambient to 350ºC 

Sealing Temperature Working range  

 Ambient to 230ºC


 4 Digit Digital 

Dwell Heat Seal time

 0.1 – 99.9 sec

Sealing Pressure 

 2 – 6 Bar 

Sealing size**  

 150x 15 mm OR 300x 15 mm

Temperature Controller 

 4 digit PID

Least Count/Resolution 



 ± 1ºC 

Heat Sensor 

 Pt-100, Platinum Resistance Temperature  Detector (RTD)


 220V , Single phase, 50 Hz

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Seal Strength Testing with Laboratory Heat Sealer

The detailed efficiency of Laboratory Heat Sealers is determined by their contracts, specifications, and regulations. Sometimes, periodic subjective evaluations are asked by the quality management system. 

For example, a straightforward pull can be used to assess certain seals to identify the failure mechanism and the presence of a bond. Polarized light can be used to better observe certain plastic films by highlighting the heat seal’s birefringence.

On the other hand, seals of sensitive products require thorough protocols of verification and validation. These protocols might use quantitative testing. The testing methods include:

  • Seal strength per ASTM F88 and F2824

Seal strength tester has a second name which is peel testing. It is done for the measurement of the seal strength with flexible barrier materials. Then, this measurement can be used for the evaluation of opening force as well as the determination of consistency with the seal. Moreover, peel testing is a quantitative measure which can be used in the validation and control of the process.

  • Burst and Creep per ASTM F1140 and F2054

The package strength and precession are determined with the help of a burst test. The package is pressed until it bursts for conducting the burst test. The data on the burst pressure and the location of the seal failure are included in the results of the burst test. The ASTM F1140 defined that a burst test is covered by this test procedure.

The capacity of a package to withstand pressure for an extended amount of time is determined by the creep test. The pressure is set at roughly 80% of the minimum burst pressure for the creep test.

  • Vacuum Dye per ASTM D3078

This test is done for the assessment of the integrity of the package. The package is immersed in a clear container that has dye and water in it. Within the container, a vacuum is produced and it is held for a predetermined time. Any packages that have been punctured will draw in dye after the release of a vacuum, exposing the flawed seal.


1: What is a heat sealer used for?

Ans: A heat sealer is a machine which is used to seal packaging, products and thermoplastic materials. In a heat sealer, products are sealed by using heat. 

2: What is the heat sealing technique?

Ans: There are three techniques of heat sealing which include:

 1- Impulse, 2- Constant, 3- Continuous heat sealing

3: What is another name for a heat sealer?

Ans: The other name of a heat sealer is a Band type heat sealers

4: What are the benefits of heat sealing?

Ans: There are several benefits of heat sealing. The heat-sealed packaging is efficient, quick and perfect.

5: What is the starting price of a Laboratory heat sealer?

Ans: The Pricing of Laboratory heat sealer starts from 75000 INR to 120000 INR in India.


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