Melt Flow Index Tester

melt flow index tester of effective lab india, In the plastic and polymer industry, MFI ( Melt Flow Index Tester) is the most important testing equipment. Polymers like materials that melt at certain temperatures, this amazing instrument will help measure the resistance of materials.

Melt Flow Index Tester

In the plastic and polymer industry, MFI ( Melt Flow Index Tester) is the most important testing equipment. Polymers like materials that melt at certain temperatures, this amazing instrument will help measure the resistance of materials. A melt Flow Index  Tester is used for calculating the melt flow index value of (inorganic or organic polymer specimens). Mass of Melted Polymer in 10 minutes at a particular weight, pressure and temperature is the MFI value of a sample. By using a Melt Flow Index Tester,  melt flow rate and viscosity can be measured. A specifically sized specimen will be placed in a heated barrel with a plunger during this test, it is placed in the barrel to force the polymer to melt a load on the top is inserted. Weight should be placed on a piston, after the melting for softening of polymer. (Die or orifice can be used for forcing it). A high melt flow index is involved in a quality polymer.

On the other hand, a molten polymer can be simply fabricated into desired articles. but less enough that the mechanical strength of the resultant article for a long time is sustained. So, to assure high-quality production MFI (melt flow index tester) is a need for every polymer industry.

Model      ELI- MFIT

MFI (melt flow index)  tester consists of a heated barrel to store samples and a piston assembly. With the help of melted plastic and weights, a specific amount of load is applied to the piston. (The plastic is extruded through capillary tubes). Melted plastic is weighed in 10 minutes by which MFI can be calculated. Grams per minute is the result expression. 

In addition, Melt Flow Index can be calculated with the help of the Melt Flow Index Formula.

MFR is also called mass flow rate or melt volume rate in many industries.

Within 10 minutes the weight of granules in grams is concluded as the MFR (melt flow rate) of the plastic. And considered as Melt Flow Index, Melt Index or MI.  MFI tester also helps to measure the shear rate, viscosity of polymers, molecular structure and shear stress. MFI can also be used for measuring the melting viscosity and flow resistance of polymers at specific applied pressure and temperature. 

With the MFI test here are several things likely to get

  • The typical index value can be calculated with its help.
  • The quality of index material can be checked by using the MFI test.
  • Laboratory equipment can be used in a product development settling procedure for checking the quality of a material. 
  • Quick easy comparisons can be done with new material suppliers.
  • Moreover, you can get flow property estimation with the help of this MFI test. 
  • The behavior of a polymer can be predicted with several processing techniques in MFI test.
  • Microprocessor based PID controller.
  • Die Steel barrel for uniform and consistent heating of barrel/test cylinder.
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • Digital Preset Timer for accuracy and repeatability.
  • Automatic sample cutting.
    • Display: LED (Digital)
    • Temperature Range: Ambient to 400°C.
    • Accuracy: ± 1°C.
    • Optional Accessory: Lab Weighing Balance 200gms
    • Sample Type: Resins or Plastics
    • Standard Accessory: Orifice, Piston, Spoon, Plumb Line, Funnel, Material charger,
    • Resolution: 0.1°C.
    • Timer: Digital Preset upto 999 seconds (Changeable to Hrs:min:sec)
    • Dimensions of piston head: 9.47mm diameter
    • Dimensions of Die: 2.095mm ± 0.005mm
    • Weights: 1.2 kg; 2.16 kg; 3.8 kg & 5 kg 
    • Paint: Powder Coated Grey and Blue Combination along with zinc/bright chrome plating.
    • Sample Cutting: Automatic motorised
    • Power Supply: Single Phase, 220-240 AC, 50 Hz.
    • Mirror, Tweezers, Barrel cleaner, Orifice cleaner, Sample cutter and Accessory stand
    • Diameter of heater tube cavity: 9.55mm ± 0.005mm
    • Sensor Type: PT 100
    • Temperature Controller: PID

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1: How do you use the melt flow index?

Ans: MFI is measured with equipment known as a melt flow indexer or extrusion plastometer.A heated barrel with a die at one end and a piston to act on the sample material comprise the device. In the barrel, a known mass of plastic is heated to a specific temperature.

2: Why is the MFI test important?

Ans: MFI is regarded as an important characteristic because it offers information on the mass flow rate of the polymer. 

3: What are the factors affecting the melt flow index?

Ans: The key external elements that affect both the melt flow rate and the extrudate swell ratio evaluated by a melt flow indexer are temperature, load, and the L/D ratio of a capillary die.

4: How do you calculate the melt flow index in polymers?

Ans: A plunger is loaded with the material’s prescribed weight, and the molten material is driven through the die. Extrudate that has been timed is collected and weighed. The melt flow rate is calculated in g/10 min. The flow rate of melt = g/10 min.

5: What is the Price of MFI Tester in India?

Ans: The Pricing of MFI Tester starts from 50000 INR TO 90000 INR in India.

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