Moisture Analyzer


Moisture Analyzer

A moisture analyzer is a laboratory testing instrument which is structured for measuring the content of moisture in a laboratory sample. Advanced technology is used in this device for measuring accurate moisture in the sample. Knowing about moisture in a sample is beneficial for research, quality control and development in numerous industries. 

Moisture analyzers are important for industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemicals cosmetics etc. It helps the manufacturers in many ways such as maintaining product consistency and optimizing production processes and manufacturers can avoid potential issues such as; degradation, spoilage, and inefficient formulation. 

Manufacturers can enhance their product quality and can extend their life by using a moisture meter.

Model      ELI – MA

Working Process of Moisture Analyzer.

It works based on the thermogravimetric analysis principle.

After monitoring the weight loss, the sample is heated. Until the weight loss reaches a moisture-free and stable state, the weight loss is measured continuously.

A moisture analyzer has these different components:

A weighing balance, heating unit and temperature control system. Moreover, there is a moisture sensor in this instrument. 

This moisture sensor is based on several technologies such as halogen, capacitance, and infrared. These technologies are based on specific instruments. 

All of these components provide accurate measurements by working together. Moreover, there are software interfaces in this moisture meter which allow the users to monitor the drying process, set parameters and collect data. This collected data can be used for documentation or quality control purposes.

These instruments improve overall manufacturing and quality assurance processes through their user-friendly interfaces and precise results, which help in efficient quality control as well as product improvement.


  • Touchscreen Menu Navigation with Icon Guidance Walks Users Through Every Step The MB95’s easy-to-read touchscreen display features icon-based menu navigation for intuitive operation. Three simple steps can be used to perform routine sample testing; no training is needed.
  • Using Fast Heating Halogen Technology, your lab can operate more efficiently. The MB95 produces fast, accurate, and repeatable results with 0.01% readability thanks to its precisely controlled halogen heating, which also guarantees uniform heating and speeds up sample drying. To conduct customized sample tests, five switch-off criteria and four drying profiles are useful.
  • Establish your drying parameters and save up to 20 techniques for quick access. Up to 20 methods and 200 total results can be stored with MB95 for statistical analysis of measurements.
  • Easy Upkeep with the Tool-Free Cleaning Architecture The MB95’s removable pan handler and heating chamber components make cleaning simple and quick—no tools required—and were designed with effortless maintenance in mind.
  • Capacity 90 g
  • Net Weight 5.23 kg
  • Interface RS232, USB host, USB device
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 210 x 180 x 350
  • Display Results %moisture, %solids, %regain, time, temperature, weight, method name, drying curve and statistics
  • Pan Size (mm) Ø 90
  • 200 – 240 VAC 2.5A 50/60 Hz
  • Adjustable Feet and Level Yes
  • Repeatability (Std Dev) (g) 0.1% (3 g sample)
  • 0.018% (10 g sample)
  • Moisture Range 0.01% to 100%
  • (0.01% to 1000% for regain mode)
  • Drying Programs Standard, Fast, Ramp, Step
  • Temp Range 40° – 200° C
  • Switch-off Criteria Manual, Timed, Auto (30, 60, 90 seconds)
  • Adjustment External adjustment mass – 50 g
  • Power 100 – 120 VAC 5A 50/60 Hz
  • Operating Temperature Range 5° to 40°C
  • Display Type 4.3’, QVGA, TFT touch screen
  • Heating Element Halogen

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Uses of moisture analyzers

There are several uses of moisture analyzers in various industries.

  • It has uses in different industries such as pharmaceuticals, plastic, chemicals, cosmetics, agriculture etc. It helps in determining the moisture content in the products of these industries. It is beneficial for quality control, product development and research.
  • It also has some uses in common applications, such as it is used for determining the moisture content in various materials like solids, liquids, raw materials, finished products, pastes etc. Also, it is valuable in analyzing the moisture in seeds, pharmaceuticals, grains, cheese and adhesives. Moisture-analyzed data helps manufacturers to ensure the stability of their products that meet the expectations of customers.
  • There are several benefits of a moisture analyzer in quality control. 

Manufacturers can identify the variation in the content of moisture that affects the quality, safety and stability of products. It is done with the help of moisture analysis in quality control procedures. 

Companies can also comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards with the help of these analyzers.

Factors affecting Moisture.

Some factors affect the accuracy of moisture in moisture analyzers

These factors include: 

  • Calibration and quality
  • Homogeneity of sample
  • Proficiency of operator
  • Ambient conditions.

Users need to consider these factors for achieving accurate moisture measurements.


1: What is a moisture analyzer used for?

Ans: A moisture analyzer is used for analyzing the moisture content in the products that are being manufactured or processed.

2: What is the moisture method of analysis?

Ans: Moisture is determined by a quick method of thermogravimetric analysis. 

3: What are the components of a moisture analyzer?

Ans: The components of a moisture analyzer include: 

A weighing balance, heating unit and temperature control system.

4: What is a moisture tester called?

Ans: A moisture tester is commonly known as a Moisture meter. 

5: What is the Price of Moisture Analyzer?

Ans: The Pricing of Moisture Meters starts from 96000 INR to 120000 INR in India.




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