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An ozone test chamber is a regulated setting where components, materials, or products are tested for resistance to or response to ozone exposure. It evaluates how different items might function or deteriorate over time when exposed to ozone by simulating ozone-rich conditions. Understanding how materials respond to ozone is crucial for sectors like electronics, aerospace, and automotive. These testing chambers are helpful in the Ozone aging process.

It can be used for testing rubber products such as thermoplastic rubber, vulcanized rubber, and cable-insulating Bush. To assess the ozone aging resistance properties of rubber, expose the test specimens to sealed air in a dark test chamber, they must have a constant ozone concentration, and they should be at a set temperature for a predetermined amount of time. After that, look for surface cracks and the degree to which other properties have changed.

The Main feature of the Ozone Aging test chamber

Ozone Chamber is powered by a quiet and effective ozone generator that produces ozone gas, along with a certain volume of processed air. The mixture is then inserted into the chamber via a switch, and a continuous line (UV detector) measures the concentration of ozone. The ozone generator provides feedback to the systems, which adjusts system settings based on the occurrence of effective ozone control, maintaining the proper concentration of work by heating humidification systems to satisfy all test requirements.

Features and Structure of Ozone Aging Test Chamber

1: Stainless steel plate of Superior quality mirror stainless steel plate is imported and used as internal material.

2: Stainless steel with paint spray is used as the external material.

3: High-density glass fibre is used as the insulating material

4: To force vertical air circulation, manufacturers use long axial fan motors and temperature-resistant aluminium alloy wing-type wind turbines.

5: The chamber door uses a double layer of silicone sealant that is resistant to high and low temperatures to ensure an airtight test area.

6: The chamber bottom features a fixed foot cup and a premium universal wheel.

7: Tempered glass with multiple layers is used in observation windows.

8: An exhaust system is used to remove the high concentration of ozone in the test chamber to prevent poisoning.

Temperature range 25℃~60℃
Ozone concentration 50~1000pphm or100~300ppm
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Ozone control precision ±10%
Sample frame speed 360 Rotate the sample frame (Rev. 1 RPM)
Controller Color LCD touch screen controller
Time Unit H.M.S.selectable up to 9999h
Ozone concentration analysisInlet concentration analysis regulator, 4 ~ 20mA output
Ozone generatorhigh voltage silent discharge point tube
Acquisition systemimports of South Korean imports of programmable controllers, measuring module
Heating systemcompletely independent systems, nickel-chromium alloy electric heating water heater
Ozone concentrationthe British ozone concentration sensor with a standard signal output and sampling
Ozone generatorsilent discharge type ozone generator has a low noise and high purity

1. Air circulation device: built-circulation duct, test gas flow evenly from top to bottom parallel to the specimen surface, in line with the national standard.
2. The use of integrated ozone concentration 、 temperature controller (setting mode for the touch of a button type), high integration, good reliability, LED display, display resolution temperature (0.1 °C), humidity (0.1% RH), ozone
concentration (1pphm), PID setpoint control, easy to operate.
3. Electromagnetic air pump to provide quality air, oil-free dry gas system to ensure the reliability of long-term work.

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Control system of Ozone test chamber

1: Temperature is controlled via an LCD controller for a microcomputer which is imported from abroad.

2: PID control

3: An auto-calculation feature to lessen setup hassles.

4:Heater: u-shaped, fin-type radiator pipe made of nickel-chromium alloy, highly accurate auto calculation SSR + PID control

5: Temperature gauge: PT 100, SUS#304

Use of Ozone Aging Test Chamber

Ozone test chambers or ozone resistance test chambers are used in several industries to control the quality of products in measuring. It is used to control products such as; Rubber and Plastic, wires, automobile products and medical equipment. Moreover, it can also be used in colleges and universities, Civil Aviation, technical supervision departments, and research laboratories. 

Ozone aging test chamber manufacturers

There are numerous manufacturers which offer Ozone resistance or Ozone aging test chambers tailored to specific industry needs. But, if you would like to purchase the best Ozone test chamber in Faridabad, India then you are at the right place. Effective Lab India offers top-notch Ozone Test Chambers with LED touchscreen displays that are specifically made to measure ozone concentrations. These ozone test chambers are purely manufactured by intelligent engineers. So, don’t hesitate and click on the link below to get your ozone test chamber now.

Ozone test chamber pricing

When it comes to the pricing of Ozone resistance test chambers, the pricing is different in every country according to the product. In India, the pricing of ozone test chambers varies from 320000 Inr to 450000 Inr. The pricing depends on the quality and model of the chamber.

You can email us at info@effectivelabindia.com or call us at +91 9555515525 for additional information about the Ozone test chamber price, uses, or applications. Regarding every issue, our team of professionals will provide you with sound advice.


1: What is the Ozone test used for?

Ans: The ozone aging test is a process where components, materials, or products are tested for resistance to or response to ozone exposure.

2: Can I get an Ozone test chamber in Faridabad?

Ans: Yes, Effective Lab India provides unique and reliable ozone test chambers in Faridabad, India.

3: What is an ozone chamber used for?

Ans: An ozone chamber is used to determine the resistance of a product against ozone.

4: What is the Ozone test procedure?

Ans: A pink colour is produced when ozone reacts with diethyl-phenylenediamine (DPD) in a buffered solution with potassium iodide present. Palintest Photometer is used to measure the colour intensity, which is proportionate to the ozone concentration.

5: How do you test Ozone levels?

Ans: The ozone in the air reacts with potassium iodine in the presence of water and makes molecules of iodine (I2). Iodine turns purple or blue after reacting with starch in cornstarch. Hence, if the strip of the test turns purple/blue it means Ozone is present in the air.

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