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Tensile Strength Tester Manufacturer in India

A tensile strength tester is a testing equipment which is used for examining the pulling force or maximum tensile of a material. This machine is used to test whether a material sustains before breaking or deforming. this is a machine which is used to test the strength of several materials including metals, textiles and polymers. 

However, it is a very beneficial equipment which is used to evaluate the strength and suitability of a material for different uses.


What is the Working Process of a Tensile Strength Tester

A tensile testing machine works by clamping a material sample between two grips. During this mechanism, one grip remains stationary while the other is being pulled away steadily. 

In this work, a Tensile force is applied to the material as the grip pulls on it while causing it to stretch until it breaks. The device calculates the corresponding elongation and force used in the material. Moreover, tensile strength, yield strength and other mechanical characteristics of a material are computed by using this data. This process of tensile testing machines helps in the understanding of the behaviour of various materials under tension by researchers and engineers.

Tensile Strength Tester Price in India.

Pricing of a tensile testing machine depends on the specific model, features and manufacturers. So, if you are looking for the best tensile tester equipment in Faridabad India then you are at the right place. But before this, we recommend you to reach different suppliers and manufacturers of Tensile testing machines in Faridabad. In general, the pricing of a tensile tester machine ranges from 100000 INR to 350000 INR.


  • DisplayGraphical with test data output through

    Inbuilt Software
    Power220V, Single / Three phase, 50 Hz
    Accuracy± 2% at Full Load (with master load)
    Standard Speed50-500 mm/min

    *Optional through computer software
    Grip to Grip SeparationMin 25mm and Max. 700mm

    (applicable only with vice type standard grip)
    Digital load indicator7 segment LED Display (optional as per request)
    Drive MechanismVariable Frequency AC Drive
    Grippers (optional added based on
    Vice Type (Standard Gripper), Flexural
    Compression Plate, Wedge Type, Roller Type
    Communication ConverterUSB / RS 485
    MaterialMild Steel
    FinishPowder coated Havel Gray & Blue
    combination finish and bright chrome /
    zinc plating for corrosion resistant finish
    Dimensions1125 x 650 x 1550 mm (as per load cell range)

• Advanced load sensor sensing through advanced electronics.
• Speed Control through Variable Frequency drive automation by Graphic user interface PC.
• Highly sensitive load sensor with linearity feature and repeatability
• Cross-head travel length: 800 mm without grips
• Twin column rugged structure
• Safety limit switches for over travel safety
• Hardened lead screws/ball screws for frictionless movement
• Load cell calibrated by NABL approved proving ring/dynamometers
• Advanced Navigation System
• High accurate micro-controller based system controls with integrated software
• User Friendly software with intuitive icons and robust architecture
• Inbuilt hardware/software CD
• Easy Data Management. User programmable product identification, lot no., shape of specimen, company name, operator
details etc.
• USB compatible for high speed data transfer
• Export Test report in excel format
• Print preview of test reports with Zoom Feature available
• Online test run status can be viewed graphically or in raw data form
• Secured working with key protection feature
• Ease of use features: Graph setup, test control wizard, formulae/result calculations, reports, live test panel.
• Graph setup: user defined graph scale/range with Graph Title
• Test Control Wizard to set test parameters like tension, compression, changeable units in Kgs/N/lbs or cm/mm/inch.
• Automatic end test/return to home position through software interface after completion of test.
• Immediate analysis of results after test with complete accuracy & precision.
• Option to email test reports
• Single Test start with one click entry of the mouse.

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Uses of Tensile Strength Tester

There are numerous uses of tensile strength machines in several industries. It is used in assessing the quality and durability of various materials, including textiles, metals, and polymers. Some particular uses of Tensile test equipment are as follows:

1. Quality Control: Before using the materials in production, manufacturers check that the material meets specified strength requirements with the help of tensile strength testers. This helps in upholding constant safety and quality standards.

2. Material Selection: Using the apparatus, researchers and engineers can compare the tensile strengths of various materials to determine which are best suited for a given application. For instance, it helps in determining the strength of building materials like concrete or steel when building.

3. Product Development: When producing new materials and products, a tensile strength testing machine is essential. Engineers can refine and optimize designs by studying how prototypes perform under stress.

4. Research and Testing: This is useful in scientific research for examining the behaviour of materials under certain circumstances. This data helps in the advancement of numerous academic disciplines, the development of new theories, and the understanding of material properties.

However,  this is essential to guarantee quality, safety, and innovation in several industries. It is a very beneficial instrument for assessing the durability and dependability of materials.

Tensile Strength Tester Manufacturer in India


There are numerous manufacturers of Tensile strength testers all across the world. If you are looking for the best manufacturers of Tensile strength testing equipment then you are at the right place. Effective Lab India is good at manufacturing testing equipment. This strength tester is one of our best testing equipment. 



1: What equipment is used for tensile testing?

Ans: Tensile tests are performed on a universal testing machine commonly known as Tensile strength testing equipment. 

2: Which steel is used in tensile tests?

Ans: Tor Steel, mild steel and high tensile steel are used in tensile strength testing machines for tensile tests.

3: Why is tensile testing important?

Ans: Tensile testing is important for determining the durability and strength of various materials such as metals, textiles and polymers. Tensile testing provides a new opportunity to discover new alloys, their uses and their qualities in the metal industry.

4: What is the speed of the tensile test?

Ans: The speed of tensile testing for measuring strength and elongation is 5 or 50 mm/min, and for measuring modulus is 1 mm/min.

5: What is the price of Tensile testing equipment in Faridabad, India?

Ans: Tensile strength tester price depends on the manufacturer, quality and model. You need to check which type of tester you need. However, the general price of a tensile strength tester ranges from 100000 to 350000 INR.

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