For measuring the intensity of light, an instrument is used which is known as a spectrophotometer. It measures the amount of photons after passing through the sample solution. Moreover, the amount of chemical substances can also be measured with the help of a spectrophotometer. 

It is based on the Beer-Lambert principle which is termed as: 

The amount of light absorbed is directly proportional to the concentration of the solute in the solution and the thickness of the solution under analysis.

Uses of a Portable Spectrophotometer

A portable spectrophotometer is a compact version of a spectrophotometer. It is structured in a simple design and it is easy to carry everywhere due to its small and portable size. 

It is useful because it measures the samples on-site without bringing them to a laboratory. 

A portable spectrophotometer contains a detector, sample holder, light source and a display screen. Light of different wavelengths is emitted by the light source. Thus light will pass through the sample. The detector functions in measuring the intensity of light and as a result, it shows on the screen.

Handheld spectrophotometer 

A portable spectrophotometer is also known as a handheld spectrophotometer. It is also known as handheld because it can be easily held in hands. It is easy to use and light in weight hence it can be held in your hands while performing measurements. However, It can be used for assessing the quality of water, analyzing soil composition and measuring colour in textiles.


Portable colorimeters have a wide range of applications in different industries all over the world. They are used in agriculture. Also, they have applications in environmental science, food and textile industries. Samples are not needed to go through the laboratory, although they can be tested on-site with the help of a handheld spectrophotometer. 

Application in agriculture: Soil composition, crop health and nutrient levels can be analyzed with the help of this spectrophotometer. 

Food industry: In the food industry, it measures the transparency, colour and other factors of food.

Application in Textile Industry: In the textile industry, it can be used to evaluate due formulations, measure the consistency of colour and ensure the quality of products.

The main fact behind its name(portable spectrophotometer) is that it is portable and convenient to use for remote locations, fieldwork, and those places where bringing samples is not possible at the lab.

Hence, it is a beneficial tool for measuring on sites.

Technical details of a spectrophotometer 

  • Structured with ergonomic design.
  • Touch screen of 3.5 inches.
  • Multiple light sources.
  • Large capacity for storing data.
  • Extension functions along with PC Software.
  • Innovative technologies.
  • Oblique screen angle.
  • Sensors
  • Wavelength
  • Powerful app with colourimeter function.
  • Inspection efficiency which can be improved by QC mode.
  • Measurement of colour by color meter.